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  • MIDI control for Stratus is here! 🎛️

MIDI control for Stratus is here! 🎛️

Control every aspect of your Stratus during live performance. 🎸 Toggle effects, loop tracks, switch presets, and set master volume -- all in real time. 😎

MIDI control is here 🎛️

Today, we are excited to announce a massive update to Stratus’ live-performance capability: complete MIDI control.

Your Stratus® just got a lot more powerful. ⚡️

Amplifying Live Control

With MIDI, you can now control every aspect of your Stratus® during live performance. Toggle individual effects, loop your tracks, switch presets, and set master volume -- all in real time. No mobile app required.

“I could envision this pedal being the center of a great little fly rig, it just needs MIDI implementation (hint, hint) for patch access.”

Al - July 27th, 2023

New MIDI Guide for Stratus®

There are quite a few ways to control your Stratus® via MIDI. We’ve made a handy-dandy chart that should help make MIDI setup super easy!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Compatibility: Most MIDI controllers will easily interface with Stratus®, although some may require a USB host adapter. Click here to see the currently supported list of MIDI controllers.

  • Update Required: This new functionality is only available via a software update. Make sure your Stratus® is updated to version 1.0.58 using the Stratus Update Tool.

P.S. for Morningstar Users

If you own a Morningstar MIDI controller, Stratus® is now available in the Morningstar MIDI dictionary! This will make it even easier to configure your MIDI controls. 🙂

At Chaos Audio, we are committed to addressing the evolving needs of musicians. MIDI integration is our latest leap in that direction. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, with Stratus' new MIDI capabilities, you hold the power to shape your sound like never before.

Let me know if I can help in any way by replying to this email!

All the best,
Landon McCoy