Daily DriverĀ® is here. šŸŽø

Now available on StratusĀ®! Plugin coming soon. šŸ‘€

Daily DriverĀ® is here. šŸŽø

Today, we're excited to introduce Daily DriverĀ® by Shnobel Tone, a transparent overdrive perfect for those seeking incredible versatility. Now available via Tone Shopā„¢ in the Chaos Audio mobile app.

About Daily DriverĀ®

Daily DriverĀ® by Shnobel Tone is the culmination of guitarist and gear aficionado Roman Belonozhkoā€™s dream to embody all of the great overdrive sounds into one single pedal. Adored by guitarists like Jake "JMo" Morelli, Richie Nobrega Jr., and David Hislop, Daily DriverĀ® has been transforming pedalboards since it was first unveiled in January 2020.

The Daily DriverĀ® Overdrive features an original and unique drive circuit that gives you a rich sound full of harmonics and an amp-like response. It features low and high EQ controls, along with a three position high cut toggle switch that lets you dial in the perfect overdrive sounds no matter what amp you are plugged into.

The gain ranges from a clean mild to a medium gain overdrive sound, with the most drive harmonics at maximum gain.

  • Volume: Output volume

  • Gain: Input gain

  • Low: Amount of low end

  • High: Amount of high end

We are excited to partner with Shnobel Tone to bring this unique, transparent overdrive circuit to StratusĀ® and Tone Shopā„¢ in the form of a pristine digital model. Itā€™s been a year in the making, and we think youā€™ll love it. šŸ¤˜

How to Get Daily DriverĀ®

  1. Open the Chaos AudioĀ® app on your smartphone or tablet.

  2. Browse to the 'Overdrive' category in Tone Shopā„¢.

  3. Purchase and install Daily DriverĀ® onto your StratusĀ® pedal!
    (P.S. AU and VST3 plugin versions are coming soonā€¦ šŸ‘€)

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our support team. Weā€™d love to hear from you! šŸ¤˜

Best regards,

Landon McCoy
CEO and Founder
Chaos Audio