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  • Introducing: Luna, Tidal Analog Chorus 🌊

Introducing: Luna, Tidal Analog Chorus 🌊

Now available on Stratus®! Plugin coming soon. 🌖

Luna – Tidal Analog Chorus 🌊

Today, we're excited to introduce Luna, an analog chorus that captures the warm and lush and feel of bucket brigade-based chorus pedals. Now available for $14.90 on Stratus® via Tone Shop™ in the Chaos Audio mobile app. 🔭

About Luna

Luna is an analog chorus, designed to emulate waves that crest and fall like rolling seas on a distant planet. The Rate and Depth knobs let you dial in your swells from low to high tide, the Delay knob allows you to adjust the width of the wave for a wider chorus effect, and the Mix knob ranges from dry to complete vibrato.

  • Rate: Set the rate of your waves, from slow and calm seas to fast and stormy crashes.

  • Delay: Infuse varying amounts of separation between each wave to craft the perfect ensemble of instruments.

  • Depth: Fine-tune the depth of each wave, whether you’re out on the shore or diving deep into uncharted territory.

  • Mix: Balance your wet and dry signals, seamlessly blending the effect with your original tone.

Luna is your guide to a sea of lush, tidal chorus. 🌖

How to Get Luna

  1. Open the Chaos Audio® app on your mobile device or tablet.

  2. Browse to the 'Modulation' category in Tone Shop™.

  3. Purchase and install Luna onto your Stratus® pedal!
    (NOTE: Anyone who purchased Stratus before January 1st, 2023 gets free access to Luna. 🙂)

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’d love to hear from you! 🤘

Best regards,

Landon McCoy
CEO and Founder
Chaos Audio