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  • Introducing: Knot. The MIDI host for Stratus®. 🎛️

Introducing: Knot. The MIDI host for Stratus®. 🎛️

Preorder now to get $20 off. Shipping in late May.

Save $20. Shipping this month. 📦

Knot is the pocket-sized USB host device for connecting Stratus® to any standard MIDI controller. With Knot, you can add versatile control to your Stratus® pedal without compromising on pedalboard space.

Limited stock. Next batch ships in June. ⏱️

MIDI: Host, Merge, and Feedback. 🔌

Knot is equipped with two 3.5mm TRS jacks for sending and receiving MIDI data (both A and B TRS MIDI standards are supported). The jacks combined with the HOST port on the front ensure instant compatibility with Stratus®.

Power to the User. ⚡️

Power Knot with a USB-C cable or your trusty guitar pedal power supply. With 6-12V universal polarity detection and power delivery to Stratus® over USB, you can power your entire setup with almost any option you like.

The Chaos Audio Knot was made in collaboration with our friends at Intech Studio. If you’re an audiovisual creative interested in next-level parameter control, definitely check out their Grids USB MIDI controllers!

Thanks again for joining the Chaos Audio family. Simply reply to this email to let me know if I can help in any way. 🤘

Landon McCoy
CEO | Chaos Audio
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