Starlight 2.0: new and improved ✨

Wetter than ever, Logic and Cubase support, VST3 for Mac -- download Starlight 2.0 now 🤘

Starlight just got a free update.
Download it now. ✨

We are excited to announce massive improvements to Starlight: Night Sky Reverb. With an even wetter mix, Logic Pro and Cubase support, and a VST3 download for Mac, your productions will shimmer brighter than ever.

Here’s what’s new:
- We’ve updated the “Mix” knob to remove all of the dry signal at 100%
- The bug where Starlight wouldn’t load inside Logic Pro has been resolved
- We’ve added VST3 support for Mac (Cubase users rejoice!)
- Increased stability and new crash logs for easier debugging

(P.S. we have more Tone Shop™ plugins on the way, so stay tuned. 👀)

AUv2 (MacOS) | VST3 (MacOS) | VST3 (Windows)

Next Steps

Did you know Starlight originated as an effect for Stratus, our flagship multi-effects pedal? We’re so stoked to offer our most popular reverb as a free native plugin, and we have more announcements on the way. 👀

Click here to learn more about Stratus, the convenient way to add high-quality algorithms like Starlight directly to your pedalboard.

Thank You Discount (Limited Time)

An update to our versatile shimmer reverb isn’t all we have for you… use the code below to get $30 off Stratus! It’s the easiest way to add Starlight and 34+ other high-quality effects to your desk or pedalboard.


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