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Tone Shop™ compatibility with Mac/PC is coming soon! Vote for which plugin you want to see next 🗳️

Starlight was only the beginning. ✨

Tone Shop™ cross-compatibility is coming soon for Mac/PC, which means over 30+ new plugins are on the way! Which plugin do you want to see next? 👀

Hey there. Thanks for downloading Starlight, and we hope you’ve been enjoying its spacial glimmer! ❤️

We have exciting news: after the success of Starlight, we’re bringing all 33+ Tone Shop™ algorithms to Mac/PC!

With that said, we’d love your help.
Which plugin do you want to see next?

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What is Stratus®?

Starlight originated as an effect for Stratus®, our flagship multi-effects pedal! We’re excited to offer our most popular reverb as a free native plugin, and full Tone Shop™ cross-compatibility with Mac and PC is on the way. 👀

Click here to learn more about Stratus®, the convenient and compact way to add high-quality Tone Shop™ algorithms directly to your pedalboard.

Thanks again for joining the Chaos Audio family. We truly appreciate your support, and we can’t wait to see what you create. 🤘

Landon McCoy
CEO | Chaos Audio
[email protected]